faq7What is LugShare?

LugShare is an online travel related social media platform, which enable us to solve our real life needs, by leveraging the online global community.  It extends our reach through the use of internet, mobile, and social media platforms available to us to solve our daily needs in a cost effective manner. Below find some of the examples of its uses.

What are the most common uses of LugShare?

You could use LugShare for almost anything which requires traveling to a different location, locally or globally.  Following are some of the most common examples, but the possibilities are numerous.

  • Pickup or drop-off an item (gifts, documents, etc.)
  • Find or provide ride or lift to someone
  • Find our provide accommodation or transportation to travelers
  • Find or provide guided tour or local cultural experience to travelers
  • Find our provide language assistance to someone during travel or in a foreign country
  • Find or provide physical, handicap, or other assistance required during travel
  • Find someone to shop on your behalf in a foreign country
  • Find someone to do duty free shopping for you
  • Find someone to represent you for a meeting abroad
  • Find someone to take care of a business abroad
  • Find someone to provide assistance back home while you are traveling (running errands, assisting family members, etc.)
How does it work?

It’s simple..

  1. Find a person who will be traveling or lives in the city where you need assistance. This could be done through regular browsing under Browse or Post page or through Search option.
  2. Connect with the person by Replying to his post expressing your interest
  3. Discuss the details and reach to an agreement on the service needed
Why can’t I use a standard shipping service to mail something instead of using LugShare?

For multiple reasons –

  • Expedited and guarantied delivery even in remote locations
  • Added safety by knowing the person who will be serving you
  • Personalized services such as shopping something in a remote city, accompanying your elder parents, carrying an important document, or physically taking care of some work in a remote location. These services are not possible through any shipping company.
Is the service limited to airline travelers only?

No. You can find anyone traveling to the city of your interest through any mode of transportation. It could be via airplane, train, bus, or even a car.

How would I know if the person shipping my product or providing me the service is trustworthy?

Discuss and try to meet with the person if possible before you finalize the deal. Share contact details, ask or use social networking sites for references, look for a common friend, and try to have a binding contract with the other party.

Can I meet or talk to the the person lugging my item?

Sure. Feel free to share your contact details and setup a meeting.

Who takes care of the custom duty?

Logically this should be paid upfront by the sender or the receiver but again it’s an agreement between the parties forming the deal.

Does LugShare charge a fee for this service?

We are keeping the service free in its pre-launch and trial phase. However, there would be a nominal transaction fees after we go live. Please note that the parties forming an agreement may or may not charge a fee for their services. That’s an agreement between the two parties and LugShare has no say into that.

Do people offering a service charge a fee?

They may or may not charge a fee for their service. It’s an agreement between the two parties and LugShare has no say into that.

Can I use this service internationally or is this only available for domestic needs?

You could use LugShare for any help needing local, domestic, or international travel.

Is there a weight limit on items that I want to be picked-up or dropped-off?

This entirely depends on the baggage allowance and/or the comfort level of the traveler. Mention your details in your post and discuss  with the traveler once contacted.

What about the airline regulations for domestic or international shipping?

Parties forming an agreement should read and discuss about any airline restrictions and ensure there are no law violations whatsoever. LugShare takes no responsibility of any intentional or unintentional mistakes made by any party violating any local, domestic, or international laws.

Can I request someone to buy an item for me from a remote city?


Can I request someone to ship or bring some important documents for me?


Can I upload images or videos of my package?

Yes. In the Post page, you can use Add Media link to upload pictures or You Tube link to share You Tube videos. You can also use the Link tab to provide video URLs from other websites.

What’s up with the name LugShare?

“Lug” means to move, carry, or drag something with great effort. LugShare represents sharing your efforts with someone else.

I have a question which is not listed out here. Where can I contact you?

Please feel free to drop us a note under our Contact Us section and we will get back to you promptly.

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