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  • Use dates, locations, service type (accommodation, shipping, transportation, etc.) in your key words
  • Use the Search Tabs to filter your search results based on Categories
  • You can click on any Tag under Tags section (side panel) to see posts for a specific keyword
  • Try using Categories filter if the general search doesn’t show the desired results
  • You can click on a date in the Calendar to see all posts for a specific date
  • You can also use the Archive section to filter posts by month
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  • Make sure to choose the appropriate tab above post box before submitting any post (Status Update, Blog Post, Quote, Link)
  • Define appropriate headline under Post Title with a summary of your post
  • Always put appropriate Tags to make your post easily searchable. You can put multiple tags separated by comma.
  • Subscribe to the blog to receive email notifications for new posts. You could also subscribe to Comments to receive email notifications for new comments.
  • You could also check the box “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” below the Reply section. It will send you alerts for any comments made to that specific post.
  • In addition, you could select the box “Notify me of new posts by email.” below the Reply section of any post.

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